Hello World! [My Startup Journey Episode 1]

Hello World!

That’s the most generic intro you have ever seen, but if you consider the circumstances — it’s written by someone who had never ever thought this moment will come, who had never ever thought he will write one single line of a post — that’s pretty good, I guess. :) Yes, I like sarcasm.

But let’s start from the beginning — why am I doing this?

The answer is simple, I’m a couple of days away from turning 24, and I’m asking myself am I on the right track with my life. (Yes, I’m serious.)

You might think that I’m too young to ask these questions, but hell not, I don’t agree with you. You might also think that I’m a bit paranoid, and hell yes, maybe I’m a bit paranoid, but who cares, we’re talking about such hard topics, so let me be a bit paranoid. :)

Who am I actually?

My name is not important at this moment, since I’m practically no one. You already know my age, so we can skip this part. I studied CS at some generic state university, no fancy Ivy League. In my young career I had two attempts for founding a startup — you got it, startup is the magic word as well. I grew up by reading Forbes, Business Insider, Hacker News and Product Hunt, watching Pirate of Silicon Valley and The Social Network and others. Currently, I’m working as a Sales Engineer at a big B2B company, since these two startups failed miserably.

The point of creating something that will bring value to someone’s life by making it easier, more effective, or even more improve some current workflow, that’s pure orgasm in my brain, that’s simply my point in life — that’s the why behind the word startup.

I’m now going to challenge myself for bringing up the MVP of an idea I came up a couple of months back. It’s a B2B tool that shall make life easier for companies, especially during these COVID days, and in the future, since I guess nothing will remain the same after COVID…

What is my goal?

  • I want to get at least 5 Fortune 500 companies in the early access list for my tool until I turn 25. Let’s see what the next 365 days will bring up.
  • I want to get on Forbes 30 under 30 list. Let’s see what the next 6 years will bring up.

This is a high overview of my company and personal goals, I will go through them in detail in my next posts.

The most important think, I will start in parallel by executing the idea, which will also be shared through this blog, and I plan to do this every Monday.

Hope this mashup of words makes sense to you — this is the way I want to keep track of my progress, challenges and changes I will face during my journey.

This was a sneak peek of my World, stay safe until next Monday…



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