The Art of Procrastination [My Startup Journey Episode 3]

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

It’s March 13th — exactly 99 days after my last post. More than 3 months ago I started this blog to keep track of the Startup journey, and the progress my team and I make from week to week.

Okay, 3 months back I started this blog to track the progress and other stuff. Man, long story short, sh*t. :) Three months, and there’s still no tangible progress, no early access users or at least people which will validate the idea. Oh man, this want really bad.

What exactly went wrong?

So, as you can also see, based on the pint no. 3, we’re now in the phase of landing page design, to present the idea as best as possible. Once this is up and running, we will play around with Google Ads/outreach via Linkedin to drive traffic to the page, and to see if we get any Early Access users…

The landing page should be up and running in the next 2 weeks (so until end of March).

Let’s see how this will play out.

Stay safe and talk to you soon! :)



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